Update: The ALPHA site I built is no longer up. The league migrated to a sports marketing company that built a new site. Below is a case study of the site I built.

My favorite part of working with ALPHA was hearing the stories of athletes whose lives have been enriched by the culture and comradery of LGBTQ+ sports. The founders have such a passion to share their love of hockey with new LGBTQ+ players who might have missed the opportunity to play sports. They are building a community and making progress to expand the hockey community in Arizona!

Role - Web Design, Branding, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Social Media Management
Year - 2021

Client - Arizona Legacy Pride Hockey Association (ALPHA)


The league was built from scratch in 2021. It's creation focused on welcoming the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community with at atmosphere of inclusivity. It required full-scale digital and print marketing campaigns, branding, registration and ticket sales, event promotions and educational resources. 


ALPHA's goals included attracting first-time, LGBTQ+ skaters in with, inclusive, representative, accessible, engaging content that spoke to the colorful, rich history of the community. Bold, tough, welcoming, fun. They sought to obtain donors and sponsors to provide opportunities for all interested players to afford to play ice hockey. They also required elements to drive email list subscribers, ticket sales waivers, and player membership applications.


It displays bold, vivid graphics. Content includes edited photos, graphic design, bios, and embedded videos. The site has ecommerce with a product page, social media funnels, a calendar of events, and an index of resources. The email subscription data is integrated with MailChimp. 


The non-for-profit association was able to attract enough players to fill two teams with full rosters, build an email subscriber list, create a social media following, and receive donations. They had two full teams and played the first  LGBTQ+ ice hockey season in Arizona's history. The league did choose to migrate to a sports marketing company that uses a primitive, low design, block editor for the website so my website is no longer published. I do volunteer to maintain that site for them as Webmaster. But the original site was a huge success for a case study! 


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