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Our Obsession.

Booking Clients

Intuitive, stylish, user-friendly booking solutions. I deploy the best booking tools for your needs. Don't overpay for over complicated tools or miss out on taking advantage of booking tools that will grow your business.


Calendar syncing, customer connections, updating availability, customizing services based on each staff member. Let's discuss what will be the personalized experience for your and your customers.


Appointments recommended.

Walk-ins welcomed.

Mon: Closed

Tues- Fri: 10am - 7pm

Sat: 9am - 7pm

Sun: Closed


Barber Cuts

Fades, dapper styles, and more

Beards & Shaves

Beard trims & styling. Home of the best shave in Arizona.

Custom Styles

Undercuts & artwork.


Keep your flawless style with the highest quality products. 


Treat your whiskers right. Load up on our select beard & shaving products.

Skin Care & Accessories. 

Be the freshest you can be. Skin care, body care and grooming accessories.

E-Commerce Solutions
About Our Shop

Rich, bold design starts with showcasing your story. As a Barber, you've worked hard to master your craft. Let's share your story, your passion, your obsession. Let's create a brand people can truly care about.

Your next new customer will more than likely visit your website before they get to meet you. Call me old fashioned, but first impressions count and a firm handshake shows character. This is where your human element meets your digital presence. As a Website Designer, I hope my websites make an impression about my creativity and skills on each person who visits. Book with me today to discuss your web design project. 

Social Media Branding

Stock art and photographs are awesome. I also have photography & photo editing services to personalize your brand.

Bring your personality to your web presence.

Contact me today!

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