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Angelica, Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

Angelica is passionate about her work. My favorite part of working with her was learning about how she fell into being a professional pet sitter. She is living a dream and it is inspiring to see someone take the leap to go into business for themselves because they are passionate, hard working and confident in their extraordinary service.

Role - Website Designer & Developer, Branding, Logo, Content Creation, UX|UI
Year - 2021

Site currently offline for the season

To assist a professional pet sitter in growing as a self employed service provider.


  • Branding

  • A website

  • Logo

  • Business Card​

The Challenge


Website needs:

  • Attract new clients

  • Ability to book clients

  • Feature many photos

  • Written content including explanation of services and 'About Me'

  • Make a connection with existing and potential clients

  • Develop clients into loyal clients

Mobile Website Pages


Angelica, Pet Sitter Extraordinaire


Angelica's customer service, level of expertise in pet handling and knowledge of industry standards has brought her to the professional level of service. It's her pride in going above and beyond for her clients and their pets that is the foundation of her brand. Simply, extraordinary. 

I'm ready to build your website.

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