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Mastering Social Media and Search: A Guide for Small Business Owners in Baraboo

Hey there, I'm Zachariah Strong, your local digital guide, and today, we're diving into a topic every small business owner in Baraboo should know: using Facebook Page, hashtags, and posts to boost your visibility on social media and search engines. Whether you're an Electrician or a local pet walker, harnessing these strategies can make a world of difference in attracting customers. You ever notice how many times you've seen a post like this in Baraboo United:

"Hey BU, I saw somebody posted about a *insert common repeat subject here*. I don't know how to search for it, and I can't seem to find it by scrolling. Did anyone see that post?"

Yeah, me too. Don't get me wrong. I love seeing people ask for recommendations from the community. And this is not to be confused with using hashtags to boost your branding. I'm talking about when a customer saw a post, felt they found a company with the perfect solution, but they slipped through the cracks because the post seemed lost or removed. There is a better way! Let's explore how it all works from the customer and business user perspectives.

Getting Started: Creating a Strong Facebook Page

First things first, having a well-optimized Facebook Page is the foundation of your online presence. Ensure your Page name, description, and contact information are accurate and up-to-date. This is the virtual storefront where potential customers can learn more about your services. And your website is the virtual store or office. Use social media to pull people to you. Be sure to list your web address so customers leave the distractions of social media and come into your virtual space.

The Customer Experience

Imagine someone in Baraboo looking for an electrician or a pet walker. They head to Facebook and type in relevant keywords like "Baraboo Electrician" or "Baraboo Pet Walker" in the search bar. If you've optimized your Facebook Page with these keywords and use hashtags like #BarabooPetWalker, there's a better chance your business will appear in the search results. They click on your Page, learn about your services, and are more likely to reach out.

Using Hashtags to Boost Visibility

Hashtags are like magic keys that unlock visibility both on social media platforms and search engines. Create a unique, relevant hashtag for your business, such as #BarabooElectrician or #BarabooPetWalker. Include this hashtag in your Facebook posts to categorize your content. When someone searches for that hashtag, they'll discover all the posts associated with it, including yours.

The Business User Experience

When you post about your services, use your unique hashtag strategically. For instance, an Electrician could share posts about recent projects, safety tips, or electrical trends in the industry. Each time you include #BarabooElectrician in your posts, you're increasing the chances of your content being discovered by potential customers who search for that hashtag.

Common question: Can you search in a Facebook Group for a specific post?

Great question! On your mobile device, go to the group and look for a magnifying glass. IPhone users will see this on the top right. Using your hashtags, be sure to post in groups AND on your Facebook Page from your Facebook Page. Reach out if you need assistance. That same hashtag should also make a few appearances on your website. See below for more info.

PRO TIP: Use hashtags on your questions about services so businesses 'listening' to those hashtags can quickly find you and answer your questions!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Boost

Now, let's take it a step further. The content you share on your Facebook Page can also impact your presence on search engines like Google. Search engines index social media content, and using keywords and hashtags in your posts helps search engines understand what your business is about. This means that when someone searches for services like yours on Google, your Facebook posts might show up in the results.


Hashtags are a free, effective search tool that are easy to implement. The journey of small business visibility on social media and search engines begins with a strong Facebook Page, optimized with accurate information and relevant keywords. By using unique hashtags like #BarabooGarageSale or #HiringInBaraboo in your posts, you categorize your content and make it discoverable to potential customers. And don't forget, your Facebook content can also impact your search engine presence, expanding your reach beyond social media.

So, whether you're a barber or a private childcare provider, these strategies can help you stand out in the digital crowd. Let's elevate your online visibility and connect you with customers who are actively looking for your services. Reach out if you need guidance or want to learn more about mastering the art of social media and search engine optimization. Together, we'll make your business shine online!

Thanks for reading!

Be sure to comment with any questions or topics you'd like to see covered in the future.

Zachariah Strong

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